1995 Saturn SC1 • 200 miles

Have a sc1 the engine fan won't kick on. But it came on the other day twice in a day but hasn't work since last fall. Devine intervention. Need good place for an a c compressor too. Thanks Steve in Texas. Gettin hot down here.
June 9, 2012.

Check/Test the coolant temperature sensor and fan relay-start here for the AC compressor you gonna have to Goggle it and get that information-sorry

Jun 9, 2012.
Just to add to this one you have two coolant temp sensors. The top one has one wire that one is your temp gauge sensor. The bottom one with two wires going to it is your actual coolant temp sensor which turns your fan on and tells your computer what your coolant temp is. There screwed into the head right bellow where your upper radiator hose goes on. Unplug the bottom sensor start the car. If the radiator fan comes on replace the bottom coolant temp sensor. Also inspect the inside of the connector if the terminals are green and blue instead of silver then you need to replace the connector also. So whats going on with the ac?Did the car come from the factory with ac?

Jun 9, 2012.