1995 Pontiac Grand Am • 17,000 miles

OI had white smoke and a weird smell from tail pipe. I changed the oil it was light brown. It did have a tick but it went away, but now there's a deep rattle I thought it could be my idle arm it bounces around and I can move the water pump pulley by hand am I suppose to beable to do so? Could I spun the bearings? My car. Does not go past the Quater mark on the temp I tryed to get the moter warm it wonti had the moter ran for 15 min the oil is still cool on the dipstick. No oil lights are on, on my dash. I put a safty thromostat in aswell and water pump and hoses. Should I be getting water up to the thermostat or I have to waight for the 195 temp to kick in? I did t
February 8, 2013.

You have a blown head gasket from overheating. The coolant mixing with the oil has damaged the mains and rod bearings in the motor.

You have a major repair coming. Consider replacing the motor.