1995 Pontiac Bonneville • 61,000 miles

Would a bad crankshaft sensor or camshaft sensor be more likley to cause stalling in 1995 pontiac bonneville? It pulled a code p0629 and the check engine light only come on right before it dies most of the time. But when I turn the car back on its not on anymore. 9 times out of 10 it doeant pull any codes. The code says there is high voltage going through the fuel pump relay. And something about a passkey
The engine runs amazing. But the car just stalls on me. Rps will jump around and it will die. Tested the ignition control module its fine. Alternator passed test. Good fuel pressure. New fuel filter. It always starts right back up. There has been an occasion where it took 5 minutes to get it started. It happenes more often when its been driven for a little bit. Happenes everytine I drive it tho soneone help please. Thanks for reading.
March 18, 2013.

What is the exact fuel pressure?


Mar 18, 2013.