1995 Mercedes Benz 220cdi • 15,800 miles

The light behind the speedometer has burnt out. How do you fix the light there? There is no indication in the fuse boxes to say it is a fuse? It is hard to see how fast I am going at night.
Question #2--The back up lights are not working. Is this a fuse or a bulb> Thank you.
November 28, 2012.

They both have a fuse. The inside of the fusbox cover has a diagram of all the fuses and what they are for.
The instrument panel will have to be removed to get to the speed ometer bulb. It is hel in by trim plugs and screws with pulgs on top of them. So you have to take your time and be gentle when removing trim and eventuallly you will get to instrument mounting screws which when removed will allow you to pull instruments, dis-connect electrical connectors and pull out. The bulbls are in sockets the turns a little and pull out. You can match them at your local auto sstore.