1995 Honda Prelude

Hello, I hope you can help me out with my problem.

I have a '95 Prelude that has a heater control that's acting up. I can turn on fresh air and the heater without a problem but I can't switch between, say, air going to your feet and the defroster. The A/C works fine, when it's on. If I hit a bump it turns itself off and I have to wait to hit another bump before it turns it self back on. Recently, it has stopped working altogether; the A/C won't turn on and the air will only blow to your face.

So my question is: Given these symptoms, do I need to change the Switch Assembly or the complete Heater Control Unit?
October 5, 2012.

Symptoms indicates it is more likely to be the control panel that is faulty, usually due to a poor connection somewhere on the circuit board of the control panel.

Oct 5, 2012.