1995 Honda Civic • 4 cylinder FWD Manual •

I've a b20b with a b16 head. The engine is not giving out the power it's supposed it. Vtec is not working properly? Oil is leaked from Vtec solenoid as well. What could be the possible reason for this?
February 28, 2011.

Was v-tec ever working?

Give me a full list of your specs/fuel management if you want help.

Mar 1, 2011.
Thats the thing, I'm not sure whether V-tec is working or not. As I said it's a b20b with a b16 top, ECU is chipped (every gear gets an extra limit). Fuel pump is stock I guess but is working fine.

I've come to know that if the V-tec is engaged then the sound of the engine changes yeah? Well that is somewhat noticeable but I wont bet on it. And it takes a few things to engage V-tec i.E. VSS sensor, oil temperature and pressure.

The bottom line is that the car is not producing enough output. Feels like the engine itself has got it but somehow it's not releasing it. Get what I'm trying to say? Feels tighten up.

What do you say could be the possibility?

P.S. Experts say, my setup beats a stock h22 but at the moment it's the other way around.

Mar 3, 2011.