1995 Honda Civic

I got a 95 civic and the exhaust is straight piped, about half way back. I know that needs to be fixed, but im wondering if that will cause the car to backfire, and sound almost like a dodge srt4 on deceleration, also when I gas it heavily, it breaks up and like cuts out, and then when I press the clutch, the rpms go down, and it will idle at like 300 rpms, then once I come to a stop, it will idle low, then itll go back up and idle normal.
August 26, 2013.

Is there a catalytic converter on the exhaust system? And yes, with a straight pipe, it is common for the driver to hear backfiring. As far as the idle, it could be related to not having a catalytic converter / O2 sensors. Also, check it for vacuum leaks and check the idle air control valve (IAC). The IAC is responsible for maintaining the engine idle speed.

There is an 02 sensor on the headers, but im not sure if theres supposed to be one on the downpipe as well. There is no cat at all right now. I havent gotten to installing the exhaust I have for it. Im just tryin to see if the exhaust really makes that much of a difference in how it runs. Any further answers would be appreciated.

Aug 29, 2013.