1995 Honda Accord • 190,000 miles

My alternator belt completely tore and fell out my car while driving, Ive been letting my car sit for months but now I just really want to find out how do I install a new alternator belt thanks very much for your help
Nolan Alvaranga
July 16, 2013.

It is just a matter of removing and replacing the part. Go to the parts store and get the belt you need for your vehicle. When you return, go to this web page

The first pictures are for a timing belt and will not relate to this job. Page down until you see adjusting bolts, AC compressor... Locate the locking bolts as listed and loosen the alt. Install the belt the way it shows in the picture and then adjust the belt (tighten it). It should have a bout 3/4" play back and forth when adjusted.

Let me know if you have a problem.