1995 Holden Statesman • 5.0L V8 RWD Automatic • 260,000 miles

Recently when it was hot weather I started my car but then it cut out and then wouldn't start at all. The motor turned over but didn't start. It finally start after a lengthy wait. After I got home it would not start at all. When the weather had cooled down to the mid 20's it started first time and ran well. It seems like there isn't enough petrol getting through but then when it is cool this is not the problem. What could be the possible cause or what should I replace?
Thank you
February 15, 2014.

Check that the coil is ok, they become heat affected if it is still mounted behind the R/h head, check that the distributor module is ok as they can deform and dislodge and case problems.

Feb 22, 2014.