1995 GMC C1500 • 160,000 miles

350 gas automatic trans starts and idles as soon as you give it gas to go down road it stumbles loses power and randomly misses. Sometimes you can feather the gas and it will stay running but no power replaced cap rotor distrib fuel pump knock sensor tested ign module ok at store throttlle pos sensor ok all grounds were cleaned injectors have good spray pattern in tb compession is 120 across all cyl computer has hypertech chip in it there was a kill switch wired in byprevious owner due to a elect drain so all power can be shut off seems to be working ok. Ran out of things to try
February 17, 2013.

Do you have the original chip that came with the vehicle? The hypertech chip has me concerned. You have done most everything. Did you have the crank sensor.

There is no cam or crank sensor on this model. The original prom or chip was not with the truck

Feb 17, 2013.
My concern is that the prom you have may be causing the problem.