1995 Ford Ranger • 134,000 miles

My parking break was sticking slightly. But I was just going around the corner so I thought I could make it. I was dead wrong. I tried to pull into my garage and I lifted the clutch too fast and pressed the gas too hard. It did alot of grinding and made some ugly noises. I cant depress the clutch at all and the gas pedal wont fully release. Cant even turn the truck on cus I cant press the clutch. Help
Sweet tooth
September 13, 2011.

Wow! That almost sounds like you broke a motor or trans mount and the engine is not sitting straight. Thus, it put the linkage to both the clutch and throttle on a bind. Check to see if that is the case and let me know. I am assuming this is a 2wd truck.

Ok so now the cutch pedal is now functional. No idea what that was about. However the gas pedal is still half limp. When I pull it back towards the drivers seat it just falls back halfway with no resistance at all. Dont exactly know what the motor mount looks like or where it is but what I assume was the transmission mount looks intact.

If I put it in first gear I basically almost completely released the clutch and floored the gas before I get moving. Any ideas? Should I make a video or something?

Sweet tooth
Sep 14, 2011.
CHeck the throttle cable to the TB. Make sure it is not loose. The return is from a spring. As far as the motor mounts, if you look along side the engine, you will see where there are mounts to the frame. You will need help to check it. You need to place a load on the engine to see if the engine moves excessively.