1995 Ford F-150 • 94,000 miles

After changing my oil and starting the vehicle to look for leaks I found a trickle coming down the upper right corner of the area of the oil filter. I reached down and touched it it was fresh oil Could this be a head gasket? The antifreeze looks fine
October 17, 2013.

Cylinder head gaskets rarely leak oil and not after an oil change. If there was no previous leak, check the old filter for the rubber o-ring gasket. If it's missing, it most likely stuck to the engine and you put the new filter over it. That's called "double-gasketing", and we've all done at some point. The old one is going to blow out and cause a major leak.

If the leak was there before, suspect a leaking valve cover gasket or oil pressure sending unit first. Look for the highest point you see that oil.

Oct 17, 2013.