1995 Ford F-150 • 125,000 miles

About 3 weeks ago, after sitting idle for 3 weeks, this vehicle failed to start. This is a new experience never having happened before. A preliminary analysis indicated there was an ignition problem. Since none of the original ingition equipment appeared to have been replaced, we installed a new (rebuilt) distributor, coil and modulator (this unit has an off-the-distributor modulator mounted on the driver's side front fender). The results were positive and the truck started.

Last week, after sitting idle since the last repair, the truck would not start. Again there was an ignition problem. The parts house checked the modulator and found it faulty. Also, they weren't sure about the coil so, we installed a new modulator and coil.

When the starter was first engaged, the engine wanted to (almost did) start but, then nothing. The ignition was dead.

The battery was checked and confirmed to be producing 13.02 Volts with 728 CCA at 68 Deg. F. The battery is maintained with a trickle charge when idle.

So, what did we miss?

Have a good day.
December 4, 2012.

First, are you sure there is no spark?

Did you check the fuel pressure?

The ignition switch needs to be checked to see if it is sending voltage to the coil and module.


1) Yes, no spark.

2) Did not check fuel pressure but, injected "Quick Start" and got nothing. Not even a peep.

3) When the ignition switch is on we can confirm that the coil is receiving power and that the primary coil's circuit is intact; that is power in & power out to ground. Please forward details about checking the ignition switch further.

Have a good day.

Dec 4, 2012.
What is a reasonable time period before I receive your response to my inquiry?

Dec 6, 2012.