1995 Ford Explorer • 4.0L 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 235,000 miles

My car would not crank ten minutes after shutting it off. I got it jumped off and drove it to the auto parts store and replaced the battery. Later the same evening I drove it for a couple of hours (not straight through) and on my home it died. I got a jump but upon removal of the cables the car died. I have since replaced the battery again and the alternator twice. The car will crank without jumping it off, but now the battery light stays on and the alternator is not sending charge to the battery. I need help. By-the-way, I am very ignorant to mechanic work.
April 15, 2014.

With key and everything off, use a test lite and check for voltage at the alternator bat terminal. If no voltage, you may have a problem with fusible link?

Apr 15, 2014.