95 2.0

1995 Ford Contour • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic •

Its a 95 ford contour when we got it it had no timing cover so we replaced the timing belt and set the timing. We are not getting any fire also when we hook up our snapon scanner it wont connect to the computer so we got a new PCM and tried again. Still no run so we went and got a camshaft position sensor still no run. There were some frayed wires at the camshaft posistion sensor I traced and retaped where it was bare still nothing. Im tired of throwing parts at this car
May 29, 2011.

Check crankshaft position sensor it controls spark

Jun 1, 2011.
Check the crank sensor and wiring. Also, if you had spark before you did the work, make sure you didn't damage any wiring, grounds.