1995 Ford Bronco • 207,000 miles

1. I have a rebuilt 1995 5.0 Ford Bronco engine that I want to put into a 1995 Eddie Bauer Bronco. The E.B. Bronco has a 5.8 with 207,000 miles. What concerns/problems will I have replacing the 5.8 with the 5.0? Any idea of the cost of swapping motors?

2. Also, what other concerns should I have when buying a clean, garage kept, not off-road used, E.B. Bronco with 207000 (highway miles).

3. How long should does is transmission expected to last?

4. Any ideas of drive train prob's?

5. Anything else I should look for?
Mike maynard
March 12, 2012.

Look for rust. Look for obvious signs that body work or repainting has been done. Make sure all of the electrical systems work properly. You'll most likely want the computer and trans from the donor vehicle. Check the brakes and suspension components.

Cost will depend on shop hourly rates. Someone with the right tools and equipment can probably do it in about 10-12 hours. But most shops use a Parts and Labor Guide which I don't have access to.

Mar 12, 2012.
Thanks, it is a California vehicle (Inland Empire) so no salt, no rust. So I gotcha on the motor switch = about 10-12 hours.
1. Should I expect probs from bolting up the 5.0 in place of the 5.8?

2. Also concerned about the high miles on trans, i.E. What is labor hours of trans rebuild?

3. What is labor hours on swapping transmissions from the donor?


Mike maynard
Mar 12, 2012.
Inland Empire, San Berdoo/Rialto/RC/Redmond/Riverside. Ok. Just over the hill from the back of Pendleton where I'm at.

The 5.0 is a 302 and the 5.8 is a 351. They use the same basic block, as long as the 351 wasn't/isn't a Windsor or Modified, so no, there shouldn't be any major issues.

Pulling the trans from the donor is negligible if the engine is already out of it. It's like 3 bolts and let it down slowly. Wait, 5 bolts, because the differential may have to be disconnected. And a couple of clips to disconnect the linkage.

Labor cost depends on the shop. Most would recommend you just buy a reman C-4 trans.

Mar 12, 2012.