1995 Ford Bronco • 180,000 miles

I have a 1995 bronco(full size)4x4. When I apply the brakes it sounds like metal to metal grinding. Brakes? Thats what I thought it was. Took it to a brake shop and they said the brakes were fine. When I come to a slow stop from 10-20 mph is when I hear the grinding noise. When I come to a stop from 40-50mph, no grinding noise. When I hear the grinding noise I can back up and then go forward and come to a stop, no noise.I took my truck to one shop and the guy said it was the harmonic balancer?I'm not a mechanic, but how can the H.B. Be causing a noise in the right front wheel?Another guy said it was the air pump?I need someone who knows what there doing, not a parts replacer.
October 20, 2011.

Might try having the wheel bearings checked-start here

Oct 27, 2011.