1995 Dodge Ram • 5.8L V8 2WD Automatic • 150,000 miles

My truck usually runs just fine - no problems. I was driving, stopped, went to restart and nothing. I got a guy to jump me, it started but when I got out to take off the cables it died. It did this several times, the guy left, it died again. I thought what the heck, cranked it and it started right up. Made it home, stopped, started it up again several times, then went out this morning and again nothing. I put a smart charger on it for a couple of hours, charged till it said "full" went to start but all it does is click. On the smart charger it has a place for "alternator check" which I did and it said "fault". The battery is not real new so I'm not sure, is it the battery or alternator in your opinion?
Ron carter
May 12, 2014.

It could be either one. I would recommend removing both the alt and the battery and have them bench tested at a parts store. That way you will be sure which needs replaced.