1995 Dodge Avenger • 4 cylinder 2WD •

My clutch will not go into gear sometimes when I'm driving and my clutch has no pressure when I press it in. It did it today and I had to park it on the side of the road. I looked under the car and there was fluid dripping from the car. I had the problem before and my moms boyfriend told me the clutch was out of fluid and he put some fluid in it and it worked till today
February 2, 2011.

The clutch is probably just fine. The issue seems to be with the clutch actuation system hydraulics, they may need to be inspected for leaks and the offending parts replaced.

Dr. Hagerty
Feb 3, 2011.
It sounds like a leaking line or the slave cylinder, sometimes its all 1 peice. Some of your newer cars have the slave cylinder inside the trans.

Good, thanks

Dr. Hagerty
Feb 3, 2011.