1995 Daihatsu Charade • 150 miles

The car has blown two ECU's/ computers in the last month. The first time it happened, the missus drove it home for lunch and it got there fine, but wouldn't start when she went to leave. The second time it happened just up the road as she was leaving and the car died in transit. I have opened the ECU and can see a fried line on the board. I have included a pic to show you where the fault is. The point of the knife indercates where the break in the circuit is. From what I can tell it runs from the components labeled, r512 and d501. There is a seconded line that has heated up enough to cook the coating of it but has not broken that runs between components, c504 and c521. I don't know if this helps at all but thought it might assist with a direction as to where the problem lies? Any help with this would be appreciated as I have no idea where to begin. Cheers. Chucky
January 3, 2012.

PCMs burn out because of components that they operate are drawing too much current. Finding out which component can be very complicated and hard to find.

Jan 3, 2012.