1995 Chevrolet Tahoe • 220,000 miles

95 tahoe tbi not getting gas out of injectors. Have new computer, fuel pump, filter, regulator, injectors. No diagnostic codes.
September 5, 2011.

Have you tested your fuel pressure after replacing the fuel pump?Have you tested the injector harnesses for a injector pluse with a noid light?Any codes?

Sep 5, 2011.
I have not checked fuel pressure or pulse.
I have voltage though. If there is no pulse what would the problem be? I have a new computer.

I have not checked fuel pressure or for pulse. It has a new computer. If no pulse what is the problem? There is no codes.

There is no dia codes.

So the first thing I need you to do is check with a fuel pressure with a pressure gauge. Then use a noid light to check for injector pluse. When you loose injector pluse its caused by no power feed to the injectors faulty wiring to the injectors terminal tightness bad ecm. So you have power to the injectors with the key on?Also get back to me about the other things I asked you to check.

Sep 5, 2011.
Yes I have power to injectors with key on, but that is with a volt meter. I have a new ecm.

Alright give me the results of the other things I asked you to check when you get them.

Sep 5, 2011.
Okay, I hooked up a noid light and it does not pulse or light up.

I have 12 psi, but after a minute the pump cuts off and won't restart unless you turn off
then back on.

12 psi is way to low of fuel pressure so you have two problems did you put in a new ecm or a used one?If you put in a new one did you program it?

Sep 5, 2011.
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