1995 BMW 325i • 135,000 miles

I bought this car about 2 months ago and it is very sound mechanically. No problems at all until yesterday. I drove my car 2 days ago as usual, nothing out of the ordinary as far as sounds, shifting, etc. I parked the car in my driveway. Went to take my kids to school yesterday morning and it wouldn't come out of park, like the gear shifter was stuck. It started fine, just wouldn't change gears. Husband took the cover off of gear shifter and removed the neutral safety switch and was able to move the shifter manually. Put the safety switch back in and the car won't start now. Lights come on when you turn the key, but doesn't even turn over. He bought a new neutral safety switch and installed. Still wont start now. Can someone give any advise?

April 9, 2013.

Check if the brake lights are working. If not, the fuse is likely blown and no power will get to the shift interlock to allow it to come out of park when the brake pedal is pressed.

Apr 9, 2013.
Thanks caradiodoc. All of the brake lights are working: (. I'm really at a loss at this point and don't want to take to a dealer. They charge an arm leg and anything else they can get!

Apr 9, 2013.
As the resident BMW pro, maybe I can help? Please send the last 7 of the VIN so I can properly ID the car.

Dr. Hagerty
Apr 10, 2013.