1994 Volvo 850

I ran out of gas with my 1994 volvo 850 turbo sedan. We have put 5 gallons of gas and we or so I thought pressed the air out of the lines and it still will not start. What am I missing?
October 13, 2011.

You need to check to make sure there is proper fuel pressure to the fuel rail. Since it ran out of gas, you may have damaged the pump or plugged the fuel filter.

Where and how is the proper way to check to make sure that there is poper fuel pressure to the fuel rail? How do I find out if it is a damaged pump or plugged fuel filter.I catch on pretty quick on this stuff.I do not have the money to go to a mechanic until I absolutely have to so I want to check everything I can first. Appreciate any help you can help me with. Thanks in advance. Sandy

Oct 14, 2011.
Go to our homepage under the DIY section for detailed directions and a video showing how to check fuel pressure.