6N 1L

1994 Volkswagen Polo • 60,000 miles

It wont start, the timing is peftect we changed the rota arm and cap and spark plugs coil and the lead the only thing I can think of is the wirering loom or the ecu coz I lost my key and had to get a new key cut is there enythink els I can try, thanks
July 22, 2012.

Go to this link and then let me know:

Jul 22, 2012.
If you listen to the car when you turn the ignition on you should be able to hear a click from the fuel pump relay under the dash and the fuel pump prime, if this doesnt happen, it will be the fuel pump relay, found under the dash and behind the fuse box. I had this same problem so hope this helps.

Jul 23, 2012.
Do you hear the fuel pump come on?

Jul 25, 2012.