1994 Toyota Camry • 4 cylinder FWD • 175,000 miles

1994 4 cyl camry. Over heats and censors doesnt function after hotday drive and over heats. I changed the water pump, thermostat, 3 heat censors. 5 yrs ago I had changed the radiator(was leaking). I changed the 3 censors 2 times and thermostat 2 times already.
April 20, 2011.

Pressure test coolant system Checking for coolant leaks
Do a head gasket test

Apr 20, 2011.
Oil is nice no coolant or water mixed. Last time I changed the thermostat top hose was hot bottom hose wasnt so hot. Thats when I changed the thermostat from dealer. Radiator was from part store not dealer. When I drove on hot day dashboard temp. Indicator went up and came back down. Now it shows normal but engine is very hot when I opened the hood. I know the censor is gone again. That what happened last time too.

Apr 20, 2011.