1994 Toyota Camry • 200,000 miles

I was sitting idle one afternoon and all of a sudden my car starting making a putting sound I immediately put it in drive to move it and it would go with more gas but seemed to be a little hesitant. I parked it and have not driven it since. Until today I had an emergency and had to go less than a mile up the road still putting sound and a little hesitation then the check engine light came on. Once it starts going you it carries speed but once you slow own and start to go again it takes a second to gain speed. What could this be? Is it extensive damage to the motor? Is there any trouble shooting I could try? This was my late mothers vehicle and I want to try to keep it running for as long as I can. Please help. Desperate woman here.
October 16, 2013.

Scan for codes and check fuel pressure with a gauge. Auto parts rent the gauge

Oct 17, 2013.