1994 Toyota Camry • 203,000 miles

So, basically this car has been sitting in the shop for about a year, the springs were rusted to se replaced those and checked the oil and and fluids everything was good. As I started driving (about 15 miles) the red oil light began to flicker when I would brake and then eventually more often then just stayed on. I checked the oil levels and they are full and I didn't notice any leaks. So I decided to park the car and let it sit for a bit. I started it again and the oil light didn't come on except for the ususual 2 seconds when you start the car. I left it in idol and let it heat up. Nothing, then I reved the engine to 1000rpms, then 2000, 3000 still no red oil light. Then I start moving and it comes back on. I want to say this is definitely a faulty sensor but I'm no mechanic. Ther are no leaks around the sensor at all either.
January 10, 2013.

To be sure, have the oil pressure checked with a gauge. If it is right, you may damage the motor


Jan 10, 2013.