1994 Subaru Loyale • 4 cylinder 4WD Manual • 182,000 miles

This car has hillside assist clutch, I recently purchased this car and the hill assist cable was unhooked. The car worked fine for about a month then the right front cal locked up. Took to local garage put new reman cal and new rotor and new hose on right front. Mechanic said he hooked hill ass cable up and didnt think it made a difference. Took car home same caliper locked up took it back and he bled the brakes again front and rear. Kept and drove it local and it would lock up then release then said the e brake didnt work then it would?
February 16, 2011.

Has the same problem. I removed the caliper and twisted the piston into the bore until it bottomed out. If you dont have a special tool to twist the piston you can use a pair of very tough needle nose pliers. This fixed the problem. Thank goodness for my Haynes repair manual!

Dec 12, 2011.