1994 Opel Astra • 300,000 miles

I have an Opel Astra 160ie 1996 model. Car's been driving fine all these years and one morning turned the ignition, idled for about 2 seconds, then stalled. Tried starting her again but engine just swings. Removed injectors and gave it a thorough cleaning. Tried starting againg, just swings. Removed spark plugs and replaced with new ones and she just does the same thing. Removed spark plugs and found that all are soaked with fuel. Removed Injector power leads and car idles for about +- 2 seconds (probably because of fuel that is in the cylinders). Attached power leads and car just won't start. Checked relay (Right side foot well)Seems to be fine. 12 Volts on injector leads(Ignition on). Spark plugs are firing. Fuel and pressure in fuel rail. Timing is in. My question is. What controls the power to the injectors.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

TNX: Craig (zr1rvp)
August 27, 2011.

Check and test the injector driver circuit of the computer

Aug 27, 2011.
Hi rasmataz, I have the exact same problem as Craig. I have a opel astra 96 model 14i fuel injection and it also was driving fine and the next moment it stalls. I see that you repleid he must check the injector driver circuit of the computer can you maybe tell me where I could find it? Thx in advance

Sep 26, 2011.