1994 Nissan Silvia • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual •

Hey mate ive got a 94 nissan silvia sr20det
got a big problem now. Um I went out the river the other day was bout 36 degrees hot as was there for a couple of hours packed up the bikes I had to move my car to get bikes on the trailer so I left my car running for maybe 20mins was idling sweet as got half way home and first noticed that the engine died changing gear then started to back fire about 5 mins later started hearing a slight knocking noise so pulled over then the car wouldnt start at all got it towed home got it jump started and theres a constant bad knocking undriveable any ideas what could be the problem? Any help would be appreciated sounds like the top of the engine unsure of kms was a transplant engine.
February 7, 2011.

The engine backfiring and stalling seems to indicate a misfire in one or more cylinders. Have the spark plugs and related components checked.

Did the engine overheated then?
Have you checked the coolant level in radiator?
Is the engine oil level correct?

The knocking noise would be of concern as it could be due to a lubrication problem. Have the cylinder compression checked.

Feb 7, 2011.
No the engine didnt over heat prior to it happening
the temp gauge was reading normal had plenty of oil just done a oil change recently and plently of water.
The whole engine shakes due to the knocking

Feb 7, 2011.
At least one cylinder is not working correctly and you should try to isolate that cylinder. Check the spark plugs condition, and try swapping ignition components to verify if the spark plugs, wires(or ignition coil if DIS) and/or injectors are good.

A compression test would help to identify if it is engine mechanical problem.

Feb 7, 2011.