1994 Mazda b2300 • 105,000 miles

I have another question about a mazda b 2300 1994 2.3 liter.I'll try to explain this the best I can. The other day I jacked up the left front wheel and I noticed that the camber was positive by a large amount. In other words, the tire was out at the top by a large amount. The right front tire which was still on the ground was also tilted out at the top as well. When I turned the left wheel (still jacked up) from side to side the the tied rod end joints rotated from side to side on each tire. Now I know you have a pivot axle bushing ( or is it a camber caster bushing?) On the top of the axle that is held is by a bolt and you have a lower ball joint on the bottom as well as a pitman arm boot that inserts thru the passenger side inner tie rod. What should I do? Thanks for your help, Steve
October 19, 2012.

Sounds normal to me but have the alignment checked if anything is wrong they wont' do it. Til it 's fixed.

Oct 19, 2012.