1994 Honda Passport • 88,000 miles

Dear friends, I think only you guys help me poderam,
I have a Honda Passport 94, made?A revision on the tappet fuel injector, changed the seals and mounted again, the idle seems that he had been optimal and rapid acceleration and when he took his foot of the accelerator or pareccia that the engine was on, and then I realized it was leaking gasoline on flute and a nozzle gun, but reparao leak, that sumil and the car idling at 800 rpm in this minima. Os said it was having mechanical air intake at the bottom of the injector plungers or in the joint air tubing. Already done everything but still the same, I took the actuator connections idle nor a sign of change.
How to guide me.
Hugs Fraternal, Mr. Franco-

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April 9, 2013.

I just can't seem to understand your question.

Apr 15, 2013.