1994 Honda Civic • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 214,678 miles

My rear door won't open from the inside and outside of the car. I think the outside is broken and the inside is not but the car door won't open at all. I've try to open from the inside and outside but still it won't open. I've also try to take out the handle in the inside of the car but nothing happens. Still won't open. I wanna take out the door panel but there is not way of taking it out. I've searched on youtube to get answers but nothing has worked so far. How can I get the door to open so I can replace the door handle and finially get the door to open and close again?
January 13, 2014.

I've experienced this issue before. A few things come to mind. First the child safety lock is in the on position so the only way (normal door latch operation) to open the door is from the exterior door handle. Second, the latch has disconnected from the rods or the latch has failed entirely.
If you can remove the rear seat cushion bottom sometimes this helps to remove the interior door panel to gain access to the latch mechanism to pull or push the rods connected to the interior or exterior door levers to help open the door.
Also, you could find out way the exterior door handle is not working at this point.
Let me know what you find or have any more questions.

Ty Anderson
Jan 13, 2014.