1994 Dodge Viper • 46,000 miles

The car will start and run fine until about 20mins of driving then the check engine light will come on and the engine will hesitate at low RPM's. It seems the engine will ''clear out'' and run normal again over 3,000RPM's. I have a Snap-On Verdict S3 scanner with all necessary adaptors but can not communicate with the PCM to retrieve codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, Johnny.
December 6, 2012.

Not sure if the Viper is any different but on their other cars Chrysler makes reading codes much easier than anyone else. Cycle the ignition switch three times from "off" to "run", wait a few seconds for the Check Engine light to go off, then count the flashes of that light. The first set of flashes is the first digit, then there's a short pause, then you get the next digit, then a longer pause before the next code starts.

Dec 7, 2012.