1994 Dodge Colt • 220,000 miles

My car wont start and is not getting any spark to the plugs, I have checked that the fuel pump is working but havent located the fuel line to test if there is actually fuel reaching the engine. Since there is no spark I started there and could only track it to mayb a faulty coil. Before I go and spend money on this I would like to know if there is anything else I can do.
it was running great then stalled at a light, I managed to get it started again before it stalled again for good.
March 23, 2013.

Is the timing belt turning?


Mar 23, 2013.
Hey. I got the exact same problem. Stalled at a light today. Would'nt start again. I go back to it an hour later and it starts again but then stalls like two minutes later. Hooked up my timing light with inductive pick up clamped on no 1 spark plug wire. No spark. Another way you can check if gas is getting to your engine is spray starter fluid into intake. I saw an AAA guy do that once. The car will sputter and run for a few moments if there is indeed a spark and no gas.
I think it is distributor assembly(coil) that is faulty. I saw on some dodge colt forums how to bypass the internal coil and hook up an external coil. I am trying to find the DIY. Anyways I'm getting one tomorrow. I'l let you know if that solves my problem.

Mar 24, 2013.
Got an entire distributor assembly at junkyard. That fixed the problem. So it was either the coil or ICM inside assembly that was faulty. You can also buy the Ignition control module or coil separately and take apart distributor assembly and install them yourself. Just make sure to mark the assembly before you take it off the engine so when you reinstall, the timing stays correct.

Mar 25, 2013.