1994 Chrysler Le Baron • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 134 miles

94 chrysler LeBaron 3.0, the 41TE (A604) transmission takes alot of acceleration to go into gear, then immediately drops pressure and slips out of gear; unable to drive.
- is it the torque converter?
- solenoid pack?
- a switch?
- how can I test or diagnose it and repair it without pulling transmission out of car?
November 18, 2010.

When any problem is detected, the computer will memorize a diagnostic fault code. A mechanic will connect a scanner that can access that computer to read the codes. Those codes will lead him to the circuit or system with the problem, not necessarily the defective part.

The scanner will also read the "clutch volume index, (CVI). That is a set of four numbers corresponding to the volume of fluid, in ccs, that it takes to apply each clutch pack. Experienced transmission specialists can tell how much clutch plate wear has taken place based on those numbers.

When the system is shut down by the computer, the solenoid pack is spring-loaded to allow operation in second gear. That's called "limp-in" mode and it allows you to drive slowly to a repair shop without needing a tow truck.


Nov 18, 2010.
The computer must not have shut it down, it is not going into limp-in mode.
. Though how for can it be driven in limp-in mode, or can it be determined?

Nov 18, 2010.