1994 Chevrolet Truck • 100,000 miles

Where is abs anti lock brake system fuse on z71 pickup
December 21, 2011.

The fuse panel is under the dash on drivers side. The cover to the panel will have a diagram on the back of it which is the fuse box payout. It will have the amperage of fuse and a desciption of what circuits it protects. They can be hard to orient so use the spare fuses and large relays to orient the diagram to the layout so you can get to the right fuse. I am giving you a wring diagram of the ABS system. At the top are three fuses which are the ABS fuses. You will find that they have a brief desription, the fuse Amperage and the number, which is the position, of the fuse. You can find this information on the fuse panel diagram as found on the back of the fuse panel cover. Between the 2 you should be able to find the ABS fuses.
If you continue to have trouble get the trouble codes pulled to check for issues. Any Advance Auto or Autoo Zone will do this for free.

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Dec 21, 2011.
That is very thoughtful of you. I wish my Fiance would do some mechanical research when I need it without me knowing.
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