1994 Chevrolet Suburban • 160 miles

I have a 1994 Chevy Suburban C1500. It is a 2-WD with a 5.7L engine that has 160K miles. The problem is that it starts and stops intermittently. I checked and it does have spark, but I noticed that the fuel intermittently sprays out the two injectors. Sometimes it will start and run for a few minutes, then just stop. Other days it will run for 20 minutes then stop. When it does stop, I crank the engine and notice that there is no fuel spraying out the injectors. I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump in the tank (twice), fuel pressure regulator and the fuel pump relay. I know there is voltage going to both of the fuel injectors but it does not spray fuel all the time. The engine does not have a crankshaft position sensor. Is there another electrical sensor on this engine that can affect fuel delivery like this? I’m at a loss on what the problem is. Please help?
June 5, 2012.

Suspect Ignigtion control module next to DIST can have tested at parts store

Jun 5, 2012.