1994 Chevrolet S-10 • 185,000 miles

Sorry for the long story! I replaced the passenger side rear axle shaft along with pinion bolt, wheel bearing and seal, both rear brake shoes, both drums, and all brake hardware for rear. But I never bled them (i know I know!) Drove for two weeks. In these two weeks, I felt a slight pull to the front driver side wheel progressively get worse. I then went back and adjusted the adjuster screw and bled the rear brakes. Also tried to bleed the front as well, but broke off the bleeder screw. So drove for one day, still pulling to the front left wheel but now skids when braking quickly. So the next day, I replaced both front calipers so I could bleed the fronts. Bled all four wheels at this time, but still having the same problem with the front driver wheel. And I believe I just have rear ABS. Any ideas?
July 11, 2012.

Don't be doing guess work throwing parts at it to try to fix it. It will cost you more than to have someone look at it and give you a better diagnosis. To many people do this throw parts at it thinnking they can fix it and it ends up costing them more money than to have a pro fix it. This really needs to be looked at.

Jul 12, 2012.
I find "the pro" many times will do the same thing, play the guessing game. Just as you are right now. And another mechanic is telling me the same things. You start one place and work your way forward. But yes, I am to that point where I am done "guessing" as you call it. Or should I say, fixing what is bad. I don't replace anything that works. Please choose your words wisely as you may really offend someone. But thank you for your time and knowledge.

Jul 12, 2012.
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