1994 Chevrolet Caprice • V8 2WD Automatic • 153,000 miles

I have a 94 caprice classic 5.7Lt and my cat cut off on me and won't start up, but of I let it sit for a while it will start then cut back off and I can smell gas also I just put plugs and wires in it domineering said it was the coil pack
September 3, 2011.

You may have a stuck injector or as you said a bad coil pack.

You can test injectors with a noid light. Coils can be checked with a multimeter, but it is not very reliable.

Sep 3, 2011.
Ok how would I get the injectors from sticking

Sep 3, 2011.
If you suspect faulty injectors, and if they never have been checked now would be a good time to get them serviced, they can be cleaned and flow tested, for any ignition problems, normally a run on an oscilloscope will show up any ignition voltage faults, this will pin point a faulty coil easily.

Sep 5, 2011.