1993 Volvo 940 • 120,000 miles

Hey there, everyone. I've seen a lot of posts on this but nothing quite like mine, I don't think. THANKS in advance. I love this site!

My 1993 940 non-turbo sedan has been sitting in my driveway for about 2 months. While it sat, the battery died, of course. I recharged it and drove it to the repair place for them to install a new water pump. (I was out of town and hadn't had time to get it there til yesterday) They also tightened the alternator belt for me. Didn't take too long and they did a nice job - I did not take it to a Volvo Dealership. When I got the car back, I noticed that the door chime would not stop ringing. Once I put the key in and turn it, it starts chiming. Doesn't have to be cranked, just turned on. Also, the radio is dead and none of the lights work on the inside. Here are some things I've done to try to fix this: I'll try to be as clear as possible.

1 - I replaced the fuse that's for all of the int lights, mirror, antenna, etc. I think it was number five. It doesn't seem to be "blown" but it does spark when I put a new one in. I would think I could tell by looking at the fuse whether or not it's blown? Anyway, this did not fix the problem.

2 - I replaced many other fuses in the box (just in case) and because I already had them laying around. Nothing has changed.

3 - I swapped out the door switches, moving the back ones to the front, front ones to the back. Nada. This door chime thing doesn't care if the door is open or closed, anyway.

4 - I unplugged the negative cable to the battery, waited about 10 mins, then put it back on. Zilch.

I'm out of ideas!

You should know this:

The radio antenna that is supposed to go up and down does not. However, it didn't really before because it's bent. Could the broken antenna be the issue? Would a broken antenna motor cause all this? I see on the fuse diagram that the antenna it's also part of this grouping. The radio won't come on anyway so it's hard to know.

The drivers side front seat now only wants to go forward on one side, not the other. Hmm That's a new one. Maybe be unrelated.

You should also know that, when I was driving it to get repaired, the door chime was NOT ringing like this. I don't know if the radio worked along the way because I didn't turn it on.

Of course, I would like to figure out what the problem is however, it would be nice just to get the chime to stop because I'm going on a long trip tomorrow.

Could it be that my battery just isn't charged enough? Runs great, but they did charge it more at the repair shop.

On this year's model, is there a relay for the chime? If so, I can't find it.

Thanks again! I'll be here hoping for some good answers. Super appreciate all of you!

All the best - Kelly
November 5, 2012.

There are 2 fuse panel in the car with relays as well. I know one is on the lower left kick panel, I believe the other is either on the other or under the dash

the fuse holders were common failures, the ends corroded and would not transfer current. Check with a test light to verify power first


Hey there - Glad to see your reply!

Just to let you know, I just now located the blue chime relay back behind the fuse holder in the center and took it out. No more chimes. I replaced the number 5 fuse that says it's for all of the stuff that's not working. Though the chime relay is now gone, I realize that the problem isn't fixed.

I hate to sound dumb, but what is a "lower left kick panel" and what do you think I should do if I have the know-how to get to it?

Also, It looks like the main fuse box in the middle is working well. Everything works but the number five related stuff.

I need a new bulb for the overhead interior light - Could that be causing all this?
I need a new antenna because, before this mess, it got bent and wouldn't go up or down anymore.I could hear it rumbling, etc but of course it wasn't doing anything but making noise just as I turned on the radio- Could the motor have burned out inside of it causing all this?

It's just so weird that all of this happened so all of sudden seemingly, when the battery went completely dead.

Nov 5, 2012.
The bulb will not.

The lower left kick panel is when you get in the car, look down to the left by the door and there should be a cover for the fuse block






Nov 5, 2012.
It's fixed! Well, for now at least. HaHa - and it only took ALL DAY to figure it out!

Here's what I did after reading lots of hints from several places.

Okay, remember, I have a 1993 Volvo 940 and, to recap, after the battery went super-dead, it was recharged but then stuff didn't work associated with the number 5 fuse and the door chime wouldn't shut up. Ever.

1 - I removed the negative battery cable and set it aside.

2 - I removed the little shelf that sits above the ashtray by popping open the cigarette lighter cover, unscrewing the two screws, and then just pulling it out. Well, as far as it will go anyway. It helped to put the key in the ignition and to put the parking break on, so that I could put the gear in neutral, giving me more room.

3 - I located the BLUE door chime relay at the back of the relay cluster. It was the only blue one and the only one with a speaker. I pulled it out and CHUCKED IT across the street. Well, okay.I just took it out. If you can't pull it off with your hand, I used a flat head screwdriver to kind of pry it up some first. Easy job.

4 - Since all this took about 15 minutes, I went back and reconnected the battery. Before, I had only had it disconnected for like 5 mins. Didn't seem to be enough.

5 - I got back in the car, put the key in, and enjoyed the silence. However, at this point, all the stuff that should be working on the inside still wasn't. But at least it was quiet.

6 - I checked the Number 5 fuse one more time, noticed that it was indeed blown again, and replaced it. As soon as I placed it in, all the stuff inside starting working. HOORAY!

One thing I didn't know was how to tell if the fuse is good or bad just by looking at it. It's in the manual - Duh.

Anyway, so now my car is chimeless until I feel like getting a new relay. Which will be NEVER.

I hope this thread helps people out for years to come and THANKS SUPER MUCH to the people who "chimed" in with their ideas. It's appreciated more than you know.

All the best - Kelly

Nov 5, 2012.





Nov 6, 2012.