1993 Mercury Sable • 160,000 miles

Hi there I had a quick couple of questions and was wondering if you could help me. I was driving down on the freeway yesterday and my car all of a sudden out of nowhere starting making a ticking noise. I pull over and wait for the sound to reduce a bit and continue driving. When I rev back up to about 50 I starts making the noise again and my engine just completely stops and I hear a load thump. I pulled up on the shoulder, and look behind me I noticed something had falling off my car and I go to pick it up and noticed it said oil filter. I have never heard of an oil filter just falling off before. I go to try and start the car again and it wont crank or turn at all and there was still power(had my e-lights on). I got my car towed home earlier today. Any ideas on why that might have happened? And is there any resolution?
February 4, 2013.

The motor locked up from lack of oil.

The motor will have to be replaced.