1993 Mercedes Benz 400sel • 24,600 miles

I just got this car from a friend who is trying to help me I am unemployed and faithfully looking for a job this car is supose to be my transportation to work once I get it going. I've been starting it everyday while waiting to have some cosmetic work done to it before putiing it on the road well, I ran it out of gas from starting if for over a month everyday I put more gas in it now it will not start occassionally it sounds like it want to start but will NOT. I've tried recycling the key as I have heard still will not start, it has at least 4 gallons of gas in it, has compression, & spark I also hear the fuel pump kicking in but will not start. Can someone please help me? (Also has strong battery). Again, before I ran it out of gas (my bad) It started up with no problem. Please help ! I would be glad to donate as soon as my check comes in.
December 20, 2012.

Suspect debris from tank was sucked up into pump, filter and injectors. Pump and filter together near tank maybe filter change will help

Dec 20, 2012.