1993 Infiniti G20 • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 150 miles

1993 Infinity G20 automatic 150k
Transmission had been slipping occasionally, happened most often when I would slow down and accelerate again, (say from 50 to 25, and back up again). Then, when accelerating moderately from an intersection, there was a pop/clunk and the transmission was completely disengaged -reverse, drive, park, made no difference. The car actually rolls in Park. A local engine mechanic mentioned the linkage and/or bands, and found the transmission fluid was low, said it could have got dry and burned up.
June 5, 2011.

Could have burned-up with low fluid depends how low-bring it in to a tranny shop and have them diagnose it to find out more-

Jun 5, 2011.