1993 Honda Accord • 245,196 miles

The car starts fine. I put it in D and ha e to feather it than mash the petal and it will then take off. I start in 3 and have to press the petal slow but it goes. I shift into D at the proper R P M and it goes fine. If I put the brakes on or go up a hill I loose acceleratiion and have to press the pedal hard to get it back going. Also my gas college is terrible. When I let off the gas and coast it makes a gurgling sound. When I get out of car I can smell gas. I replace, Ed the fuel pump and filter and have 3x checked for leaks. Please help.
August 16, 2013.

Does vehicle move off in either 1 or 2 gear shift position?
Is the transmission fluid level correct and how is the condition of the fluid?

Aug 16, 2013.