1993 Honda Accord • 200,000 miles

I've got a Honda Accord '93 with factory specs, no mods, automatic drive. Okay so one night I was driving in very heavy traffic for about 2 hours, AC on, with average speed of those 2 hours less than 10mph. Everything was fine. Finally got on the highway and overtook a car. Suddenly I see on the dashboard that there is a light icon of some sort of oil symbol, probably engine oil warning? Then I notice a significant loss in power and almost 5-10 seconds after the oil light came on, the battery light came on as well and by this time the engine was not giving out power and I was just rolling by momentum.

I noticed that the temperature had reached RED indicating that the engine had overheated so I pulled over and stopped in a safe area. Waited about 30 minutes with the boot open for the engine to cool down. Then I checked the front and noticed that the cooling system was completely out of coolant, but the reservoir was still filled which means it wasn't being taken. Took some water and filled it directly through the pressure cap. As soon as water goes in, it comes out immediately from the bottom through a severe leak of some sort, I couldn't make out what it was.

After that I tried to start the engine to see if the car could still run but instead, the car didn't start at all whatsoever. It wasn't a battery problem because I had just replaced it and on top of that all the electronics were working with full power. When I turn the ignition, the headlights and dashboard lights dim, it was not turning, almost like the sound of there being no gas. Tried this several times but to no avail. Finally got a tow and now I still can't figure out what is the problem. I've done some researching and am really fearing that there is damage to the engine. Please help
July 8, 2012.

No compression is most likely the issue resulting from the severe overheating. The motor will have to be inspected for damage before pricing.


Overheating is one problem. You have a failed alternator that has resulted in the battery being drained.

Jul 8, 2012.