1993 Dodge 600 • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 168,000 miles

After I successfully replaced the heater core in my 1993 Dodge Dynasty LE (with a 3.0L V6 and four speed automatic), the air bag light stays on all the time. I did take out the air bag "brain box" in order to move the dash out of the way, to get the heater box away from the firewall, but I think I put it back exactly the way it came out, when it worked OK. I have looked a lot of places for service info on this subject, but it seems to be a big secret for dealers only! I could not find a schematic or wiring diagram, even on ALLDATA (which I can access through our local library). The heater works good now, but the airbag warning light stays on constantly, except for a momentary blink off, right at startup. I've been reparing cars, trucks, busses and motorcycles for over many years - but that Dynasty airbag problem has me baffled! Does anybody have or know of any diagnostic procedures for finding the exact problem, other than paying a dealer to fix it? The clockspring in the steering column is just fine! Thanks.
June 4, 2011.

Can you get the exact code that is set?

Jun 4, 2011.
Thanks for your response, mhpautos, but as you probably already know, 1993 DYNASTY cars (definitely NOT Dodge 600 cars) do not have a connector for OBD-2 code readers. But there are NO codes present (only 55, which is end of codes) when doing the 3-cycle key switch trick to read blinking codes from the Check Engine light in the instrument cluster. Do you happen to know where I can find a detailed schematic or wiring diagram for the airbag system in my 1993 Dodge Dynasty? And do you also happen to know how I can get the incorrect title of "Dodge 600" removed from my post and my question? I never said anything about Dodge 600, nor do I believe Dodge 600 cars were manufactured at all, in or for the U.S market for model year 1993!

Jun 4, 2011.
Hi guys. I can add to this as I too have a '93 Dynasty. Did you turn on the ignition switch while something in the air bag circuit was disconnected? That would set a code that does not reset on its own like engine codes. To read and reset them, the connector is on the side of the module. I just looked at mine and can't see how to remove the center console but as I recall, that connector is on the right side. I can't tell from the line drawing in the service manual either but in that it appears to be on the back side closest to the passengers.

You'll need the Chrysler DRB2 scanner or the newer DRB3 with a plug-in card for older cars to access that computer and reset the light. (If you're near central Wisconsin, I have both). The cable is different than the square 6-pin cable under the hood for the engine. The air bag cable is a smaller 6-pin rectangular one. The same cable is used to access the Body, ABS, and Transmission Computers from a different connector. That one is blue and is clipped to the left side of the dash just a couple of inches from the "A" pillar above the parking brake pedal.

There really isn't much to these systems other than wiring and sensors. I can answer questions that aren't in the service manual. I've been to a number of Chrysler classes but there isn't enough information on this subject to fill an entire class so they just add it to other classes. The service manual I have is part number 81-270-3102. That covers Electrical, Fuel, and Emissions for '93 Front-Wheel-Drive cars. That's diagnostic and repair information only for those systems. For wiring diagrams you have to use the regular service manual. That is a set of three books. I have them too someplace still in the wrapper. You might still be able to get them through the dealer. You used to visit the parts department or the office girls for the trifold brochure listing the books that were still available, then you could order them directly. They would be shipped from the nearest training center. Haven't ordered any books for many years but for the last ones I did, they cost $90.00 for the set of one, two, or three books, and $53.00 if they were more than five years old. In addition, there are dozens of specialty service and diagnostic manuals that go into much greater depth. Those are for ABS, Air Bag, Transmission, Engine Performance, Body Communication, etc. With all of those service manuals and specialty books, we had about 300 books on the shelf to cover every system of every Chrysler model for a five year period.

You can find these books on eBay too. I've ordered a lot of books from a "lorieandjeff" out of Westmoreland, TN. I think they might be using a different name now. They will have thousands of service manuals and dealer's specialty tools listed. If you type in the part number in the advanced search box and check "title and description", four listings will come up.

If all you need is the wiring diagram for that one system, I think I can find the "Notes Page" I developed as a handout for my students. I can add the wire colors to it and post that. I also have the general description of system operation that explains how the system works and what it takes to set the various codes. It's rather basic but it's better than nothing.

Jun 4, 2011.
OK, I will leave this one with caradiodoc, I am in Aust and he will have a better understanding of your problem, thanks for using 2carpros.

Jun 5, 2011.