1993 Chrysler Concorde

Can a wheel fall off if you have a bad wheel hub baring on a 93 concorde? I need to know how soon to replace it.
August 11, 2011.

You never know when its gonna heat up so bad and break-replace it now

Aug 11, 2011.
The cv joint holds the bearing assembly together. The wheel is not going to fall off, but if you let it get real bad, the wobble will make it miserable to drive and it will cause a low and mushy brake pedal. If it's noisy now, it can take years for it to get that bad. I only met one person who put up with the noise and wobble for that long. The bearing assembly is not very hard to replace but you must use a new axle nut and it must be tightened very precisely to prevent the new bearing from becoming noisy.

Aug 11, 2011.