1993 Buick Century • 108,000 miles

Car temp lite ^ check engine lite comes on after 30 minutes then car shuts off, restarts after 20-30 minutes later. Temp ok ( external temp gauge) & fan works fine. Car does this whether driving or parked. Car has new fuel pump, filter, map sensor, crack pos sensor, fan temp sensor, temp sensor.
December 16, 2012.

First, we need the code. You can get that from a parts store.

What recent services have been done?

Which crank sensor did you replace?


Dec 16, 2012.
14 cooolant temp signal low or shorted
22 throlle position sensor too low
43 esc module or sensor ciruit problem

temp reaches 150'f fan kicks in & rpm raise to 1350

temp lite & check engine lite comes on when engine cools back down to 135'f with fan still running.

Dec 16, 2012.
Crank sensor behind harm balancer
new radiator
new map sensor
new throttle housing= old one cracked
new radiator fan motor = old one bad
new thermostat 180'F
new O2 sensor
new water pump= bearing bad in old 1

i failed to notice that my scanner temp is in celsius not fahrenheit so the car was over heating so I replaced the thermostat 2nite with a 180'f. Was maintaining 81 to 83 celsius for about 10 minutes then the engine started over heating with fan kicking on. Pull water pump off. Bad bearings = replaced & still over heating.

Dec 17, 2012.
This vehicle need to checked for a blown head gasket. Garages have tests where they can check for the presence of exhaust gases in the engine coolant.
Some autoparts stores sale the lithmus paper strips that do the same thing. You can order then in small quantities for a fair price.

Dec 19, 2012.
Was the overheating one of the original concerns? How many times?

I would have a leak down test done to verify head gasket

they air up the cylinders and watch for any movement in the coolant


Dec 20, 2012.