1992 Toyota Windom • 119,000 miles

I have a loud rattling noise when at low rev usually from idle til 2600rpm, goes away as the revs build. It sounds like is coming from down around cambelt area, mechanic suspects a dry bearing of some sort but thinks its fine. The noise is getting bit louder and am getting a slight engine miss between that low rev range. I have heard the exhaust heat shield or a separater inside the exhaust itself can make the same noise while reving like a death rattle. Please help me I dont know anything about cars and this is the best way to describe it. Thank you
October 31, 2012.

We can't locate the noise for you and don't know how it sounds like nor the level and possible source but if it is from the cam belt area, you need to verify if it is from external belts or the cam belt driven components. Remove external belts and start engine briefly to test if noise is still there.

What you heard does not matter as you need to diagnose the noise.

Oct 31, 2012.